How to Enjoy Eurotunnel Discount Codes?

Eurotunnel offers you one of the best traveling experiences in England. The services offered here are of top quality and will not put a hole in your pocket, especially if you use the Eurotunnel discount code. With Eurotunnel le shuttle, you can cover Folkestone to Calais under just 35 minutes. The route offers 4 different shuttles every hour. Consequently, the opportunities for a jolly ride to Calais are always available to every interested person.

Eurotunnel discount code

The distance covered is just about 50 kilometers or 31 miles. The rail line is one of the fastest in the world and it goes right under the English Channel starting from the Strait of Dover. This route remains the only fixed-route linking the European mainland and the island of Great Britain. The lowest point along the track is 250 feet or 75 meters below the sea bed. There is no other tunnel on earth as long as the undersea portion of the Eurotunnel in the world. You can enjoy the service at a very cheap price when you use the Eurotunnel promo code when traveling via the Eurotunnel.

Exciting transit at an affordable price

The highest speed for the trains plying this route is 99 miles per hour or 160 kilometers per hours. The starting point is at Folkestone in Kent, England, while the ending point is at various points in France, like Coquelles, Pas-de-Calis, Haut-de-France in France. Another name for the route is the Strait of Dover and you will never regret the transit for any reason. Eurotunnel discount code can help you to have a piece of the fun at a very cheap price.

Special operation

Eurotunnel started operation in 1994, May 6th to be precise. It started freight services about a month later, while passenger service started on 14th November of the same year. The tunnel is owned by a private body called Getlink and the operators are Getlink, Eurostar and DB Cargo UK. The passengers and cargoes are ferried through via rail and it also offers vehicle shuttle. You can enjoy everything the service has to offer cheaply by using a Eurotunnel voucher code.

Eurotunnel consists of 2 single track tunnels and 1 service tunnel. It is an electrified track and offers one of the most interesting transportation services in Europe and the world today. The Eurotunnel Shuttle offers road vehicles services, while Eurostar offers high-speed passenger train services. The Eurotunnel Shuttle is considered as the largest of such transport in the world today. It also offers the best international good trains today.

Various Eurotunnel coupon code

  • You can get a 30% price cut on all the services provided by Eurotunnel
  • You can use Eurotunnel coupon code to save up to 50% on travel cost across the Eurotunnel  route
  • Your business travel cost across the Eurotunnel route can also go as low as £30 per car each way
  • You can save up to 40% at Les Villages Nature Paris

The Eurotunnel discount code makes it possible to enjoy the services at a very cheap price. Make sure you use the coupon code very fast before it expires.

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